The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

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Are you opting for a sleek and stylish boutique wedding, located at a picturesque island thousand miles away from home, or an intimate rustic garden wedding? Do you dream of hosting a luxurious, elegant and grandeur wedding right in your home city? Whatever it may be that you have envisioned for your wedding day, this book could be one of the best wedding gifts you’ll ever receive.

While the specifics of different wedding options may vary, they share one strong, common theme: the need for it to be a memorable day (for all the good reasons!) This book is ideal for those looking for the right help to bring their dream wedding to life!

By providing couples with compelling industry insights into the end-to-end wedding planning process, this book truly gives couples the confidence to navigate the journey to their big day smoothly. This pioneering new book is not a skeleton guide; instead, it is a practical, interactive and detailed guide for the wedding planning process.

It’s packed with great tips and expert knowledge on how-to approach the differing elements that can often make the wedding planning process stressful.

This book includes;

  • An all-purpose interactive wedding vision worksheet
  • Venue and vendor sourcing processes and questions
  • A detailed wedding planning checklist and timeline
  • Budget spreadsheets, template seating plan, wedding website information and so much more.


10 reviews for The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

  1. Christy (verified owner)

    This book has literally been so insightful. Loved each and every chapter! It’s defo going to be one to re-read at different stages of wedding planning! I’ve recommended to all my friends getting married. I mean it’s a must have!!

  2. Mark O

    This book has super helpful and insightful preparing me for my wedding. The chapters are well structured and my favourite thing about the book are the actionable steps and resource pages.

  3. Bianca

    This book has been extremely helpful for me and my fiance. It has equipped us with all the information we need to know about the planning process and has guided us through the process. The templates and worksheets have also saved us a tremendous amount of time and money. I would highly recommend this book to any one like me who doesn’t like stress and wants to have a smooth planning experience.

  4. Akin (verified owner)

    Amazing read and very informative. Very insightful in terms of the planning process for weddings. Would recommend this book to everyone planning weddings now or in the future. Brilliant book!

  5. Christiana Martins

    This book is packed with everything you need to know for wedding planning, it is so insightful I absolutely love it. I am telling everyone about it. Thank you so much for writing this book. Love it!!

  6. Samantha Aning (verified owner)

    I wish I had this when I was planning my wedding. It’s jam packed with a variety of information which helps you plan each stage of the process to the tee. I’ve recommended and bought this for all my engaged girlfriends!

  7. Kehinde Adeeyo (verified owner)

    Wow! This book has helped me a lot, it made me realise I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. Its made wedding planning a lot easier for me and less stressful. Love it, would high recommend !

  8. Liz Olaniyi

    This book is everything! I particularly love the venue sourcing questions pages because choosing the right vendors can make or break your event! Will be rocking up with this book for any vendor meetings and I can’t wait.

  9. Rebekah Adebanjo (verified owner)

    This book is a must have in your library! It helps you walk through questions you might forget and even helps to answer difficult ones. It is great as a gift to engaged couples and even for personal use on the way to getting married!

    God bless you and cannot wait for more!

  10. Lamide

    This book is a must read! The author clearly knows her onions, it is clear that so much detail and thought has been put into this book. All you need to know about wedding planning in one place, from planning your guest lists, to picking your vendors and venue. I cannot recommend this book enough!

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